Instructions For All Travellers
With regard to the ongoing situation, we would recommend that only 1 person travels per car, diagonally to the driver in the back of the vehicle, both driver and passenger are required to be wearing a mask.  This would be slightly different if 2 people from the same household were travelling but still in the back only.  The inside of the cars will be cleaned before and after use to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transfer and hand sanitizer will be provided before the clients get in the car.

We will also require that all clients stipulate that they are symptom free before travelling in either direction.  We respectfully reserve the right not to take any client whom we deem to be unfit to travel.

We will text all clients as before on both their outgoing and return journeys and they will be required to confirm back that they are fit and well to travel.
When meeting on their return, we would prefer that the client meets us in the car park - the driver will text his location, floor and row and registration number, so it's absolutely vital that the mobile number we are given is correct, is switched on and fully charged both on the outward journey and the moment the plane touches down back into the UK.